Ghost Cave?

Orb photos are presented as evidence of something paranormal time and time again.  We’ve all seen them and if you use a digital camera you’d be hard pressed to say you’ve never captured one.  What does this mean?  Are there more spirits roaming the earth today than ever before?  Some even claim to see faces in the orbs.  It’s no different than finding shapes in the clouds which is called Matrixing.  Matrixing is the minds ability to find something familiar in an image that it doesn’t quite understand or recognize.


Frankly, orb photos are no longer accepted by the reputable paranormal community.  They are easily replicated and debunked.  So called spirit orbs are nothing more than dust particles, moisture, bugs, hair, ect. that are reflecting light from the cameras flash.

Solid and liquid orbs/Color variety orbs can appear in/Light phenomenon caused by insects

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